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To verify the incident is reportable please see IB18-004-R1 references beside choice for more information and answer the following questions.
Was the pressure equipment incident a:

Timelines for reporting:

Section 35(1) of the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation requires the owner to forthwith report all unsafe conditions, accidents and fires. With respect to this initial reporting, “forthwith” means:

  • Accidents- same day, no later than the following business day.
  • Fires- same day, no later than the following business day.
  • Unsafe conditions: in a timely manner, but in all cases within 30 days.

Owner-User organizations that hold a quality management certificate of authorization permit for pressure equipment integrity management may report in accordance with the above or shall otherwise report all

  • Injury or fatality within 24 hours, and
  • Unsafe conditions, accidents and fires not resulting in injury or fatality within 90 days.

Note: The Administrator may direct a safety codes officer to request earlier reporting of unsafe conditions, accidents and fires that do not result in injury or fatality, if the Administrator is of the opinion earlier reporting better serves the interests of public safety.

For all accidents, if a full report in writing is not submitted at the time of initial reporting, it is required within 21 days of the accident initial report. It is understood that a report submitted within 21 days may not be representative of a full and exhaustive investigation into the cause and particulars of an accident. However, early indications of the “probable cause” are useful in meeting the objective of ABSA’s investigation, being to identify the cause of an accident in order to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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